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The Books By Bev collection currently includes 7 children's books. With captivating illustrations and gorgeous text, these stories are ideally suited to capture the imagination of early learners, ages 3-7.

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Locks and the Three Bears Rap


LOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS RAP is a fresh twist on an old classic, Goldilocks and The Three Bears. You and your young reader will enjoy singing along and learning the movements, and colorful illustrations are sure to captivate and tickle your funny bone as this familiar story takes a surprise twist!

Locks and the Three Bears Rap

Eat Your Peas!


EAT YOUR PEAS! is a children’s picture book written for 3-8 year olds. It takes a humorous look at a familiar family struggle—getting kids to eat their vegetables! This clever, fast paced romp follows Johnny as he discovers a way to avoid eating peas. He shares his secret with friends and soon the whole town becomes involved. A unique community event ensues and by happenstance the children discover peas are kind of tasty. In a final twist, Johnny’s mother has the last word and gives the book a surprise ending that every parent can appreciate. Children, parents and teachers will love the readability of EAT YOUR PEAS! A children's book that you can enjoy again and again.

Eat Your Peas
The Shinny Bone: -A Haunted Tale-


A classic folk tale originated in 1882 by Dupris Knight. This adaption will captivate the imaginations of children ages 3-9 years old. Surprise elements and spooky voices keep children on the edge of their seats, as they enter into the world of a haunted mystery. Beautiful oil painted illustrations add to the richness of this old tale.

The Shinny Bone

Magic Moon


MAGIC MOON is a picture book for children ages 2- to 7-years-old. It is an ideal bedtime story. Set in a child’s bedroom, MAGIC MOON opens with a child waiting for sleep. To elude sleep, the child asks the moon a series of imaginative questions. Inventive illustrations answer each question and remind us what it is like to see the world with fresh eyes. Excellent for an early reader and an introduction to children's poetry.

Magic Moon
For You Little Love


For You Little Love is a poetic picture book for children, ages 2-7. This story contains classic elements of a bedtime story. Its rhythm and language are soothing. It’s words are of love and shared moments. Yet, like most poems, it conveys a deeper meaning. While the parent is living for the future and all that can be provided, the child lives in the present. The child’s selfless act reveals this simple wisdom and thus gives the parent a precious gift—a shared moment together in appreciation of life and beauty.

For You Little Love
Silhouette of young children in costume holding balloon against full moon backdrop
Best Friends Summertime Sleepover


Best Friends Summertime Sleepover is a poetic children’s picture book for 3- to 7-year-olds. It is a celebration of the closeness and camaraderie of being best friends. Camping in the backyard, two friends move from moment to moment, sharing stories, spotting UFOs, and casting shadows with a flash light. Each moment unfolds as part of a collective experience that draws them closer together. Spending a summer’s night lost in the midst of play, and bonding with a friend are important parts of childhood. This story affirms these special childhood moments. Giving the reader a heartening glimpse at the connections made in childhood and appreciating them for what they are—priceless. Perfect as a bedtime story, beginning reader, and introduction to poetry.

Best Friends
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Nature's Night and Day


Non-fiction picture book for children ages 3-8 years old. Beautiful photography and simple poetry are used to showcase animals, insects, natural phenomena, weather, space, and more.

Nature's Night and Day
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