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As a teacher and parent, I know that the important work of teaching children means adults are in a relentless pursuit for ideas that engage children in the process of learning. I am happy to announce that Books by Bev offers parents and teachers uniquely themed learning curriculum that connects my children’s books to educational concepts.

Each curriculum is developed with children in mind, ideas are tried and true. Used in my own classrooms for 35 years, these curriculum ideas engage children in the process of learning. Activities are adaptable for Pre-Kindergarten through 1st grade, and can easily be simplified or made more complex as needed. In addition, curriculum can be used at home or in classrooms. Parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, and teachers can easily adapt every lesson for use with any group size.

And best of all? Everything is FREE! Each Curriculum Plan comes with SIX interactive videos that explain each activity in detail. Free Downloads include a colorful curriculum plan, resource information sheet, concept poster, and/or activity poster. Use these book-themed curriculum as a means to enhance each book while giving children quality learning experiences. Enjoy! 

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