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I am a painter and illustrator. Born on February 8 1985 in Chişinău, Moldova, I went on to study at children's art school in Odessa and Cherkassy. Since 2006 I have been working in the field of architecture and design. In 2008, I graduated from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Department of Architecture. Since graduating, all my free time is dedicated to painting, experimenting with different techniques and styles. My works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. In 2012, I started creating illustrations for children's books.


The Shinny Bone: A Haunted Tale



I have been working as a professional freelance illustrator and graphic designer for 6 years. I'm working for children's book publishers, fashion and cult magazines and creative agencies in Turkey and other countries. I'm perfectly capable of doing digital and handmade drawings, any kind of branding and corporate identity designs, stop motion and video editing. I graduated from fine arts high school in İstanbul/Turkey. I studied as an exchance student at Hochschule Rheinmain University of Applied Sciences for one year in Wiesbaden/Germany. I completed my bachelor's degree in Anadolu University in Eskisehir/Turkey. I am continuing my master’s degree at the same university.



Jonathan James_edited.png


Trained as a traditional fine artist, my work has developed primarily driven by the desire to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Currently designing and illustrating in Tampa, FL, I also work as a graphic designer for branding and social media for both corporate and private clients. My work is typically a mix of surrealism and classical aesthetics, using ink and paint to show both the face of the world, and the dark and sometimes comical nature that lurks beneath.


For Your Little Love

Best Friends Summertime Sleepover

Magic Moon



Ronny Hardyanto has over 18 years illustration experience. He is a skilled comic artist, who also specializes in 2-D art, gaming character design. Vector art, creative product design and much more. Ronny received his degree in Multimedia Graphic Design from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember In 2002. He has a long history as an artist and art director for various art studios and lives in East Jakarta, Indonesia.
Ronny says, “I can handle any artwork style in any level quality, from simple graphic to realistic artwork!” 

Locks and the Three Bears Rap


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